Rizibё (aka Mriz Sidah) is a Singapore-based artist whose visual storytelling weaves narratives from abstraction of moments, vignettes and flashes to blur the lines between memory and fiction, interrogating the disparity between exotica and reality. Enthralled by Southeast Asia’s mystique, vast nomadic landscape and thriving mix of cultures, his work examines the notion of its stereotypical worldview in collision with its organic, unpredictable evolution into its own. 

Rizibё's inspiration comes from our contesting relationships with nature as well as modernity, finite views of phenomena, wanderlust and eastern music and philosophy, amongst other fascinations. Forming a backdrop for his ever-growing repository of characters, scenes and anecdotes, his work inhabits a world where comedy meets tragedy viewed through a generously smeared documentary lens.


Solo Exhibitions

Villa Sunplaza, 2015, Singapore

Lucid Beach, 2016, Singapore

Lucid Beach, 2016, Bangkok


Selected Exhibitions

KULT Redrum, 2010

Nixon ArtMosh, 2011

Flux Take-Out Show, 2013

Flux Take-Out Show, 2014

FFurious's Singled Out, 2015




Female Magazine

Campaign Asia


For Enquiries

Say hi at info@rizibe.com



Some prints can be purchased here.